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Liaoning saddle heavy industry co., LTD., located in China anshan city in liaoning province saddle zheng road no. 8, is located in anshan city of bay industrial park, 2 km away from the entrance of anshan ha big highway, away from the big high speed rail anshan station 1.5 km, adjacent to port of dalian port, the port of yinkou, BaYuJuan, transportation is very convenient. Large castings transportation condition is superior.

The factory covers an area of 200000 square meters, construction area of 90000 square meters production plant, total assets of 900 million yuan, existing staff 500 people, engineering technical personnel more than 120 people.

The company has advanced HX - 30 t eaf, LF ladle refining furnace, 45 TVD / 30 to 45 t t VOD vacuum refining, vacuum oxygen refining furnace steel smelting high purity various materials meet the needs of various industries of special steel. There are 50 t, 100 t car type shot blasting equipment. Crown gross tonnage of 1781 tons, the 10 t - 200 t a total of 32, has a production capacity of one hundred tons of heavy steel casting lifting.

Companies adopt sand casting molding and coremaking with continuous sand mixer, with 60 tons/hour sand mixer etc. A total of six units; Ester cured alkaline phenolic resin technology on sand binder, sand surface is South Africa imported chromite sand, table surface use alcohol-based zircon powder coating. Can make the size tolerance grade "MT" to 12-14, the surface roughness increased to 25-50 microns. And old sand regeneration powerusageeffectiveness back above 90%, and reduce solid waste emissions, waste, to achieve clean factory. Casting process simulation software adopts world advanced Magma software, through the solidification simulation, optimization of process design, improve castings quality, reduce production costs.

Choose different types of heat treatment furnace heat treatment (maximum 10 m x 10 m of 200 tons of heat treatment furnace) and main fuel for the cleaning of natural gas. According to different materials and technical requirements for heat treatment, casting to meet customer demand.

Physical and chemical inspection center has complete and advanced equipment, equipped with 26 channels direct reading spectrometer, metallographic microscope, ONH gas analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector and so on more than 30 sets of testing equipment. Provide reliable guarantee for quality inspection and testing of products and scientific basis.

Mechanical processing equipment are: vertical lathe, CNC vertical lathe, CNC milling machine, cylinder boring machine and other mechanical processing equipment more than 50 sets, can meet the weight of 200 tons, 12 meters in diameter of heavy casting processing, mechanical processing capacity can completely meet the company of all kinds of casting products processing, also can undertake all kinds of large steel processing.

Company's main products are mainly used in energy, transportation, shipbuilding, steel rolling machinery, mining and coal machinery and other industries. At present, the saddle has become the world's outstanding supplier of large steel equipment manufacturing field.

Company has been committed to the development, development, production of large core high technology content of heavy steel, has a provincial technology research and development center, and has become a high and new technology enterprise. The saddle heavy industry to produce high quality cast steel has been committed to high-end innovation research and development, to improve the quality of the casting of the original reached the international advanced level, improve the quality of the casting delivery, realize customer zero complaint as f saddle heavy industry direction. Make "zero defect" casting is the goal of saddle heavy industry, has made substantial progress in recent years. In the heavy duty gas turbine compressor, turbine cylinder block, cylinder steam turbine outer cylinder and inner cylinder, ultra-supercritical body and rail transit motor bogie difficult, high standard products, achieve the high quality batch manufacturing; On the major parts of hydraulic turbine manufacturing, such as, the champions league, under the ring, blades, wheel body, guide vane, thrust the first class, has been realized in many sets of casting the "zero defect" casting pieces of manufacturing. After years of struggle, the saddle of heavy steel casting quality has reached the international advanced level. Company products are sold to many famous enterprises at home and abroad, common witness "guest I win-win" concept of the saddle.

Companies adhere to create green cast steel enterprises for the purpose, dust hole dust concentration acuities were 50 mg/m3. Along with the rise of a low carbon economy, green cast steel enterprise standards to a new level.


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